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Kaori Oto, Psychotherapist


Couples Therapy

Kaori Oto, Psychotherapist

Save your time for the most important relationship

Perhaps you are struggling in a relationship, not able to communicate or stuck in negative patterns. Drifting apart, you yearn for intimacy and being desired. You wonder if you should go or stay when trust is gone. Or you may need to find your voice and create boundaries. Maybe you're an overachiever or your inner-critic has exhausted you, anxiety is finally too much. The relational conflict is starting to affect every area of your life. You are looking for a therapist who can get it and guide you through to the other side. 


Asking for help could turn the hardship into a growth opportunity. Communication is not a gift, but a skill. I help couples and individuals to de-escalate the conflict and rebuild intimacy. Exploring untouched territory, you'll find it's easier to relate, forgive, and to regain trust and commit once again.


 I am reminded everyday how resilient we are, we know how to love and how to heal. If your relationship is worth fighting for, I would love to hear from you. All couples and individuals are welcome.

Try a 15 minute call for free and see if it’s right for you.

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

Shar Kunovsky, LMHC, JD, MA, Overlake Psychotherapy & Eastside DBT

Kaori’s work is very beneficial. She cuts through to a core issue by tapping into a client’s right brain, kinesthetic memory, and emotional core. As  a result, clients open up. 

 Julie & Stephen, NY, NY

Kaori helped bring light into an area that we have felt stuck in for a long time. We are incredibly grateful for Kaori's intuitive gifts!

O.V, Redmond, WA

The work with Kaori helped me to understand myself better. I was able to break relationship that was not healthy for me with a person who was putting me down.

M. D,  Los Angeles, CA, Biologist

I am living my life with intention and stepping up for my family. I finally feel I am back on track.

Dr. Richard Levine, Chiropractor and Author, Bellevue, WA

I was “stuck” for many years. Now I am able to continue my life’s journey with contentment and peace of mind. I recommend Kaori's services to my patients as part of a multi-faceted approach for overall health and well-being. 

D.S, Seattle, WA

My relationship with my daughter is getting better and better. I can feel the spectrum of emotions. I am a different person. 


A great deal of conflict is about the conversation a couple never had.


The majority of couples separate without having the conversation. That is the tragedy, more than the separation itself. Then, how do you know you can make it through in the next love?

How do you create a quality relationship?  How do you determine he or she is your life partner? Is it possible to feel that closeness once again?

Those questions are not easy to ask or answer. That is why I am passionate about helping couples to have the conversation and find the path forward. I use evidence-based methods including Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Method Couple Therapy. Relationship Coaching service is also available. 

Be your best self

That is the secret of cultivating deep and lasting friendships and relationships. Yet if you feel different, because of your skin color, sexuality, age, or how you view your gender, being your-true-self takes courage. How do you cultivate your most important relationship, supporting yourself? That is the focus of therapy with me using Existential theory and Strength-based approaches. 

Will you let me be a part of your story?

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